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From Jason Varsoke <>
Subject Task: copy only CVSed files w/o using CVS?
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2003 14:58:59 GMT
  In my build.xml I'm trying to make a target to assist in the release
of my project files.  I wish to copy all my source files to a staging
ground to be Tarred up for release.  But nested in with the source tree
are scattered notes, spec documents and monkey brains.  None of these
things need to be part of the src distro and none of them are CVSed.

How do I set up a filter or fileset or something that only copies files
that are CVSed to another directory?  Like many of you, I have my
project hosted on a remote CVS ( to be exact).  To get my desired
results I could have Ant logon to the CVS and DL the source tree
to my staging area, but this is undesirable for 3 reasons. 1) I already
have all those files on my local harddrive.  2) there are a LOT of
files and this would be a big waste of bandwidth/time.  3) This would
create a dependency on having net access to build the distro.

Does anyone have some Ant magic that can copy files on the local
harddrive that are checked out parts of the CVS?



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