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From "Leonardo Barros" <>
Subject Sending multiple arguments to the <java> task
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:23:12 GMT

I'm using a parser class that verifies some IDL files I need for 

The tags I'm using (which works great) are the following:

	<java classname="org.jacorb.idl.parser">
			<pathelement path="${JACORB_JAR}"/>
		<arg value="${IDL_DIR}/sga-daemon.idl"/>
		<arg value="${IDL_DIR}/sga-manager.idl"/>
		<arg value="${IDL_DIR}/wio.idl"/>

This works fine, but what if I have hundreds of file to parse? I'd 
like to use something like a <fileset> with a *.idl
<include> in 
order to give it as a parameter to the <java> task. But I
find an easy way to do it? Is it feasible? Without having to create 
my own <java> task?

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