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From "Emmanuel FELLER" <>
Subject Compact JSP to suppress useless blank and comments (replaceregexp or third party task)
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 13:17:00 GMT

I want to compact my jsp to reduce the network bandwith use. 

I did a search but i haven't found a task to suppress useless blank and

I tried a replaceregexp with the example given into the ant manual to
suppress blank. 
<replaceregexp match="\s+" replace=" " flags="g" byline="true">
    <fileset dir="${html.dir}" includes="**/*.html" />

It's working quiet good but I still have the line separator in my
destination file.
On :
<html>    <body>
<<TAB>><h1>    T E S T   </h1>  <<TAB>>    
<<TAB>> </body></html>

it gives :
<html> <body>
<h1> T E S T </h1>    

Wich is not what i should have. I am building with a jdk 1.4 on win XP
but i place the 
current jakarta ORO impl jar in my ant\lib directory. I think that it
doesn't use the ORO impl but how modify the config to use it ?

Or do you know any third party task to compact my jsp ?


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