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From "Peter Kryszkiewicz" <>
Subject Re: Unable to find a javac compiler
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 03:11:28 GMT
I asume you can do a manual command line compile by calling javac -cp
<classpath> ..... blah bla.. etc. And that you didn't fall into the trap of
using the wrong separators as I sometimes do when switching back and forth
from FreeBSD to NT. I mean using .\;%CLASSPATH% for NT and using
./:$CLASSPATH for unix.

If you can run javac manually, then you should check to  see what Ant is
doing with your environment variables, properties etc. Read the docs.
There's a few ways to do this. Also check postings here the last two weeks
that cover this. I posted something a short time ago about using

<echoproperties destfile=""/>

in your javac target. And others have responded with other ways to get Ant
to show you what it's doing in detail. It would be faster for you to read
the docs than to list them all here. Start

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