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From "Jon Madison" <>
Subject Re: R: tasks hell
Date Sat, 12 Jul 2003 00:02:12 GMT
> Newcomers simply abboring learning a new programming language; they want
> some powerfull but also quick and easy tool to use; adding and adding
> makes Ant not simple and easy, it makes Ant heavy.

   ? it *is* simple and (relatively) easy, though. you use what you need.
Ant can be as simple or complex
   as you choose.

   If the world itself only had two tools, using tools would be simple and
easy. instead we have
   tools and tools (hammers and screwdrivers and pipe wreches and alan
   this is heavy. ;)

> I repeat :"I think that the problem is partially due to the documentation.
> When you (a newcomer) start reading a buildfile you've no idea what tasks
> you'll encounter
> .. when you find a new 'task' you want a quick help about what the 'task'
> makes without opening and browsing documentation."

   so you're talking about maintaining tasks, not creating them? as far as
creating them, i would think
   that you have an idea of which tasks you will need to do what you need to
do. as far as maintaining
   tasks, i'm in agreement about the documentation piece--perhaps it's a
good idea, when using a "3rd party"
   task in a buildfile that is to be widely distributed, to comment your
file with a pointer to further info on the task.

> Finally, when newcomers will solve a problem using Ant, newcomers will
> in terms of (some) Ant families and not in terms of (hundreds) of tasks
> your mind you've to store families and not single tasks).

    what do you mean by "Ant families"? maybe i missed part of the

    i don't this "task hell" situation.  i think it's *great* that there are
many tasks. Maybe i'm under a misunderstanding
    of the particular kind of hell you describe. If it is simply "ant has a
lot of tasks and this is bad", then i don't agree.
    if it's "ant has a lot of tasks and task builders do a bad job of
documenting their buildfiles when there are 'nonstandard'
    tasks used.

Jon Madison
Consultant, Thought For Food Tech, LLC

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