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From "blu" <>
Subject Why doesn't this Ant depend task work?
Date Sat, 31 May 2003 18:13:10 GMT

I have the situation where a different make system (project a) is sharing a
class directory with my ant project b; b depends on a. I'd like to use the
depend task to recompile my java classes in b if new a classes are present.
I use the classpath attribute of depend to get to the classes of a.Problem
is, depend never deletes any b classes, no matter how much is changed in a.
It seem to doesn't work because a's classes are in the destdir; if I locate
a's classes into a different directory than the shared dir, it works; this
is not an option in real life, unfortunately.This is a simple ant file
representing the situation. I created a task for project a, in the reality a
is created by a different make system.

<project name="AntTest" default="compileB" basedir="">
   <target name="compileA">
      <javac srcdir="." destdir="." includes="com/a/" />
   <target name="compileB">
      <depend srcdir="." destdir="." cache="depcache" classpath=".">
          <include name="com/b/"/>
      <javac srcdir="." destdir="." includes="com/b/" />

Do you know why this doesn't work? Is there a workaround?

Thanks for any help,

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