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Subject Re: Difficulty with "unless" attribute
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 18:48:30 GMT

I haven't looked at this issue in a while, so perhaps things have changed,
but another possibility is: If this target is being called via an <ant>
task from another build file, then the value of ${buildstamp} doesn't
'propagate up'.  Same goes when calling the target from <antcall> within
the current build file.  Specifically:

      - When you <ant> or <antcall> a target, then the 'child' target
receives all the values of properties set in the 'parent' target
            (unless you explicitly set 'inheritAll' to 'false'), but
      - When the 'child' target has completed and control returns to the
'parent' target, the 'parent' DOES NOT receive the values
            of any properties which were newly set in the 'child'.


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             Much FAQ-reading and Google searching has led me here. I'm
having some difficulty with the "unless" attribute of the <target> task. I
have a target, currently named init, with the sole purpose of setting a
property to be used as a buildstamp. Presently, it looks like this:

<target name="init" unless="buildstamp>
                         <format property="buildstamp"
             <property name="buildstamp" value="blah"/>

(the <property name...> doesn't affect the results - i put it in just to be
sure the property was being set...). I can refer to ${buildstamp} later in
the file, once this target has been executed, but this target _keeps_
getting run, and buildstamp keeps getting changed (the lowest-level module
we have depends on init, other resources depend on this module..).

Thanks for any assistance, my sincerest apologies if I've asked a silly
question (I checked the FAQs!)!

Justin Maurer
Software Configuration Engineer
Defywire, Inc.


"Enabling the Enterprise"

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