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Subject Help with Basic PVCS task in ANT.
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2003 14:39:17 GMT


Am trying to use the base version of pvcs task of ant but am always getting
the error(below). Can somebody help me ?

file:c:/tabli/opper/works/source/build.xml:37: Failed executing: pcli lvf -z -aw -spc:/tabli/opper/works
"-prg:/workall/inteproj/vm/tms_17_0" /

I have all the required permissions to execute a get on the pvcs. We do not have any projects
under tms_17_0.
It is a db created using 'create project database' option in admin of pvcs. The archives dir
is under tms_17_0 and is on a mapped drive on winNT.
The archives contains all the sub directories of the db. Also am hoping that this task gets
all the dirs under archives recursively.

Can you pl let me know if anything is wrong here. Am not able to get required info from the

The corresponding task is

<property name="pvcdir"  location="c:/tabli/opper/works" />

<target name="pvcsget">
  <!-- Create the build directory structure used by pvcs -->
  <mkdir dir="${pvcdir}"/>
  <pvcs repository="g:/workall/inteproj/vm/tms_17_0"
        workspace = "${pvcdir}"

Thank you very much.

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