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From "Faist, Jeff" <>
Subject depends on files instead of targets
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 16:44:35 GMT
Basically I'm looking for the top level build.xml file to just read the
entire build tree and figure out everything that needs to be built and then
just do it while having a build.xml file in each dir so developers can build
one bin at a time when needed.

I understand how to make a target dependent upon another target and how to
have the target dependent upon the src files in a dir tree ( uptodate ) but
now I want to have a target ( exe ) be dependent upon another target in a
different build file ( dll ) 

Which is the better way to do this?

1. have a file set list of dependent dll files for the exe target, but then
I need a build rule for that dependent target.
2. is there a way to set depends= for a file instead of a target name.?
3. include the other build files in the proper order all the time and have
them build themselves as needed.
4. ????

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