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From "Maurer, Justin" <>
Subject Difficulty with "unless" attribute
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 15:40:05 GMT

	Much FAQ-reading and Google searching has led me here. I'm having some difficulty with the
"unless" attribute of the <target> task. I have a target, currently named init, with
the sole purpose of setting a property to be used as a buildstamp. Presently, it looks like

<target name="init" unless="buildstamp>
		<format property="buildstamp" pattern="yyyyMMdd-HHmm"/>
	<property name="buildstamp" value="blah"/>

(the <property name...> doesn't affect the results - i put it in just to be sure the
property was being set...). I can refer to ${buildstamp} later in the file, once this target
has been executed, but this target _keeps_ getting run, and buildstamp keeps getting changed
(the lowest-level module we have depends on init, other resources depend on this module..).

Thanks for any assistance, my sincerest apologies if I've asked a silly question (I checked
the FAQs!)!

Justin Maurer
Software Configuration Engineer
Defywire, Inc.


"Enabling the Enterprise"

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