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From Steinar Bang>
Subject Making ant ignore project.dtd DOCTYPE
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 21:40:02 GMT
Platform: Intel PII, debian sarge testing/unstable, Blackdown J2SDK,
	  ant 1.5.3-1

I'm using a DOCTYPE declaration to make my build.xml file more PSGML
friendly.  The problem is that ant won't run because it can't find the
project.dtd file based on the SYSTEM identifier (PSGML uses the PUBLIC
identifier, and an OASIS Catalog file)?

Is there a way to make ant ignore the DOCTYPE declaration when parsing
the build.xml file?  If not, is there a simple way to make it use Norm
Walsh's catalog resolver on the same catalog file as PSGML is using,
when parsing the build.xml file?


- Steinar

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