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Subject RE: copying files
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 13:28:34 GMT

As long as there are no circular dependencies between your different
sources, you can use different javac tasks and thus define the desired
target/build directories.
If you have circular dependencies (as in your previous mails about the
multiple src locations), they will be much easier to handle in an ant script
when you put them together in 1 src tree.

Remark that you can still use the package names of your classes to put them
in different sub-folders of your common src tree, and the build results will
also have the same package/directory structure.

I think the mechanism with filelists etc is much too complex.

E.g. put and in the package "gui", base1 and base2 in
"base" etc. The end result is that you can use a common srcdir "src", and a
common destdir "build" and in side the build dir you will find all desired



-----Original Message-----
From: Bertjan Broeksema []
Sent: 03 June 2003 15:21
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: copying files

Correction: the files in the tmp dir must be *.class files. And now they are

in the tmp dir, but i want the gui*.class files in the build/gui dir and the

same for the base*.class files.

> - src
>    |_ gui
>    |
>    |	|_
>    |	|_
>    |	|_ filelist.txt
>    |
>    |_base
>    |
>    |	|
>    |	|
>    |	|_ filelist.txt
> - build
>    |_gui
>    |_base
>    |_tmp
>    |
>    |	|_ gui1.class
>    |	|_ fgui2.class
>    |	|_base1.class
>    |	|_base2.class

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