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From Joby Menon <>
Subject exec task
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2003 23:31:51 GMT

I am using an exec task to invoke a unix shell script.

The shell script in turn starts a java application say a web server , and
the application never terminate.

<target name="A" >
   	<exec dir="${b}" executable="${b}/" timeout="500"/>  
   	<echo message="Hello, world"/>
            <waitfor maxwait="5" maxwaitunit="minute"
checkeveryunit="minute" checkevery="1" timeoutproperty="NotStarted" >
   		       <socket server="a" port="abcd"/>

The content of is

nohup 2> nohup.out  & in turn runs my java application.

The problem is that exec never returns, even if I specify timeout. I guess
the timeout parameter never gets passed on to called shell script to the
next level.

The exec is executed all right, the server gets started all right but the
process never returns to continue my build process.

Any help ?

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