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From "Duffey, Kevin" <>
Subject Deleting all nested dirs/files except one?
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 17:04:45 GMT

I am trying to get my script to do a clean build. The dir structure of our project is like:


I put our build scripts in the /scripts folder. So I want to delete ALL folders except the
/scripts folder. In fact, I want to delete the entire base dir of the project, all sub folders,
files, etc, except the /scripts dir and the /doc dir. When this is done, I then grab the latest
out of CVS. How can I do this?

I have tried:

<delete includeEmptyDirs="true" dir="${PROJECT_HOME}" defaultexcludes="false">
	<fileset dir="${PROJECT_HOME}">
		<exclude name="scripts/**"/>
		<exclude name="doc/**"/>

This works in that it deletes ALL files. But it doesn't delete the dirs. I am hoping to avoid
having to specify every single dir one at a time in individual delete tasks.

Also, what is the name of the folder where ya'll keep your build scripts? I named it /scripts,
seemed appropriate enough. I have seen some name it /build. What is the norm for this name?


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