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From Dale Anson <>
Subject Re: HTTP post of binary data?
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 16:51:12 GMT
Hi Matthias,

The Antelope 'post' task does not support file upload. Generally, forms 
just have text data (as in name/value pairs), and that is all that is 
supported. Sounds like a good enhancement though, I'll add it to my 
to-do list. You should also know that the 'post' task is hard-coded to 
do UTF-8 encoding for everything. There currently is no support for 
changing the encoding type. Sounds like another item for the to-do list!

Dale Anson

Merdes, Matthias wrote:

>i am using the antelope external HTTP POST task and it works fine for
>text files.
>i cannot find out how to send binary data though.
>(as in an http file upload to a webserver.
>yes, i have to use POST b/c i have to automate an html form-based file
>that talks to a web app i cannot change...)
>probably i would have to load binary data from a file,
>somehow encode it, and then send it just like any other property. 
>the problem is that the ant loadfile task is for textfiles,
>also ant doesn't seem to have an encoding task...
>anybody suggestions?
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