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From "Tharp, Joshua L, SOLGV" <>
Subject RE: copying files
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 13:49:56 GMT
> A until now i just worked with directory's, but maybe it's a pretty
> idea to make it a package. Can u give me an example on how to handle
if it
> is a package?


SUN recommends that you package things based on the URL of your company.
This policy helps to prevent name collisions if the package will end up
somewhere public. If your software is just for internal consumption, or
will never be built on in a public sort of way, then you can disregard
that. However, it is still useful to have a top-level package. Let's say
that you have three components that you are working on, model, view, and
controller. You should have a directory structure like this:
  |- nl
     |- home
        |- model
        |- view
        |- controller

Now any source that you put in the model directory should have a package
statement in the file (first non-comment line is pretty standard).
package nl.home.model;
Likewise any source you put in the view directory would have the package
package nl.home.view;

I see that Jan has just replied as well, so you can use his build.xml

The compiler will then create the output directories that look just like
the ones in the source tree.


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