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From "Tharp, Joshua L, SOLGV" <>
Subject RE: javadoc relative links
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 13:39:56 GMT
It seems you have two options...

1) Use link offline instead. That way you specify a path to the
package-list file and a URL for javadoc to use in the links.

2) Unzip the dependency docs in relatively the same location they will
be when they are unzipped and use the link attribute. I haven't used the
link nested element recently, but the link attribute will allow you to
use relative paths, and they are relative to the javadoc location (not
the build file location).


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From: Kirk Mattson [] 
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2003 10:20 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: javadoc relative links

I'm trying to add javadoc to an existing Ant build process that includes
dependency on another group's code. I've got the other group's javadoc
in a
zip file, so my ant target unzips it to a directory, and then makes my
javadoc with links to that directory. When that completes, I zip up both
javadoc and the dependent javadoc together and include it with each

All this works quite well, except when I try to specify the javadoc
to be something other than the directory of my buildfile, such as:

        <javadoc destdir="additional/directories/here" ...>
            <link href="apidoc/from/another/group"/>

The HTML links in the resulting javadoc are relative to the buildfile
location, and not to my destdir. So, the javadoc builds corectly but
the links are bad. One workaround I thought about was to use an absolute
reference in my link instead of a relative one, but unfortunately that
doesn't work very well with my project. Anyone seen this before? Any


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