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From "Matt Reason" <>
Subject scp is not working: broken pipe
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 03:44:35 GMT

I'm attempting to use ant to scp a 40Mb file from one Solaris server to
another.  From the command line it takes about 5 seconds.  Using ant it
takes 2-3 minutes and it only works about 3 times in 10.  The other 7
times I get a " Pipe closed" error.

I'm fairly perplexed by this.  I'm not sure if I'm using the wrong
version of java or if I have the wrong security jars (I'm no java
expert).  I have attached my <echoproperties/> output in case anyone's

The workaround is to just use exec to call scp.  Unfortunately, I can't
get exec to feed the password to the system and the Ops guys won't let
me create a trust.

Any advice is appreciated.



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