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From "Antoine Levy-Lambert" <>
Subject Re: Help getting a large number of files from an ftp server.
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 22:32:02 GMT
Could you describe in functional terms what you want to do, for instance
which are the criteria met by the files you want to download, as opposed to
the files you do not want to download ?
See the bug number 20103
this one might be related to your problem or your problem exactly. It would
mean that your problem boils down to a performance problem of <fileset/>
rather than of <ftp/> per se.
If you think this <guess/> is OK, you might want to add a comment describing
your problem in the same bug report, and add yourself as CC on the bug
report to see how resolution progresses.
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From: "Robert Rice" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 12:16 AM
Subject: Help getting a large number of files from an ftp server.

> I've been working on an ant target that is required to get a number of
> files from an ftp server.  So far, I've been using the <ftp> task to do
> the work.  I have it operating on an includesfile, that describes the
> files to download.
> This process seems to work rather well with a reasonably short list of
> files.
> A list of 10 files takes approx. 5 minutes.  A list of 35 files takes
> approx 10 minutes.  A list of 100 files takes approx 30 minutes.
> The problem is that my includesfile may have a couple thousand files to
> download.  If I send this many files to the <ftp> task, the server times
> out after about 4 hours, prior to downloading any files.  Here is the
> error.
> file:/home/robert/dvl/collector/NorthwestImageCollector.xml:76: Error
> while communicating with FTP server:
> Total time: 243 minutes 21 seconds
> In all cases, success or otherwise, the task seems to hang for the
> majority of the processing time, prior to transferring any images.  The
> logged message is shown below.
> ftp-images:
>       [ftp] getting files
> If the process makes it past this sticky point, then it rather quickly
> downloads the requested files with the following example logged messages:
>       [ftp] transferring webphoto/bigphoto/96/23010396_04.jpg to
>       [ftp] transferring webphoto/bigphoto/96/23010396_05.jpg to
> Does anyone have suggestions on better ways to get a large number of files
> from an ftp server?
> Thanks,
> Robert Rice
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