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From "Bill Chmura" <>
Subject RE: HTTP post of binary data?
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 16:18:17 GMT
I don't know if it will help, but if you can do an exec

Wget has a 
       --post-data=STRING    use the POST method; send STRING as the
       --post-file=FILE      use the POST method; send contents of FILE.

Not sure about the binary part though

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Subject: Re: HTTP post of binary data?

Hi Matthias,

        I was facing the same issue few weeks ago !
To solve it, I used a piece of JAVA code which simulate the HTTP upload 
from a form. 

I do not take time to convert it in a specific task but I was using it 
from the JAVA task and it works fine.

Ludovic Lecanuet.

"Merdes, Matthias" <>
06/06/03 11:59
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        Subject:        HTTP post of binary data?


i am using the antelope external HTTP POST task and it works fine for
text files. i cannot find out how to send binary data though. (as in an
http file upload to a webserver. yes, i have to use POST b/c i have to
automate an html form-based file dialogue that talks to a web app i
cannot change...)

probably i would have to load binary data from a file,
somehow encode it, and then send it just like any other property. 

the problem is that the ant loadfile task is for textfiles, also ant
doesn't seem to have an encoding task...

anybody suggestions?


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