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From "Bill Chmura" <>
Subject Problem with FixCRLF
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 20:48:08 GMT

On Sun JDK 1.4.1_02 / Ant 1.5.1

I have a task that goes through a directory on a windows box and makes
all the linefeed/Cr into the unix linefeed so when I archive it into a
tar.gz and upload it - its all ready on the other unix end.

Here is the code

<target name="makeunixlf">
<fixcrlf srcdir="${webroot.dir}"
includes="**/*.html, **/*.css, **/*.txt, **/*.sh, **/*.js, **/*.cgi,
**/*.pl, **/*.pm"

This works great, fantastic, etc... Everything I hoped it would be.

The problem I noticed is that I have some web pages that are in the
SHIFT_JIS (Japanese) character set.  When I run these pages through it
mangles a little bit of the text (enough that I did not notice it at
first).  Now, I cannot read japanese, so it could be converting
everything into huge profanities for all I know.  I do know that the
results before I perform the makeunixlf above are different after.

Traditionally these files have been posted thru FTP, so I am not sure
why the converstion is any different.  It should still be the same

Any ideas?

PS.  The makeunixlf is in a shared library we have for ant, so I cannot
modify it to just exclude certain files unless I pass it in as a
variable to use as a default exclude...



William B Chmura
Director of Internet Technology
Explosivo Internet Technology Group
Tel: (888) 560-YWEB

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