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From Joerg Abendroth <>
Subject weird bug
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 09:20:11 GMT

just want to share some knowledge:

I am doing a Java/JINI development using ant 1.5.3 on a SGI IRIX 6.5.
Trying to automate things as much as possible I have sveral tasks in my
build file. About 3 for starting the (RMID,Lookupserver,JINIhttpdserver)

Another 3 for an server waiting for my requests, a service registration
tool, another server waiting for requests.

And finally the client trying to download the jini proxy registered by the
registration tool.

(summary loads of instances of ant running may partially haveing an open
handle on the same build file)

Suddenly without regularity the client (last thing to start) would fail,
but without even the jvm going up. Sometimes it took just another try,
sometimes recompiling or rejaring the source...nothing static.

Today I copied build.xml to b2.xml and run  ant -f b2.xml onlyclient
and would have no problems anymore.

So if you also have > 15 targets in your build file, which you may
run simultaniously. You might want to consider splitting the build
files and telling the user about the -f option ;-)

Regards Joerg

P.S: I don't know if the real problem is IRIX file handling, ant JVM fork
     or anything other... if someone has suggestions, I am eager to learn

PhD Candidate Trinity College Dublin (
visiting Marie Curie Fellow Brics Aarhus (

Phone: +45-8942-3353    Office: Aarhus University building 540 room 327

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