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From "Kirk Mattson" <>
Subject javadoc relative links
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 17:20:28 GMT
I'm trying to add javadoc to an existing Ant build process that includes a
dependency on another group's code. I've got the other group's javadoc in a
zip file, so my ant target unzips it to a directory, and then makes my
javadoc with links to that directory. When that completes, I zip up both my
javadoc and the dependent javadoc together and include it with each release.

All this works quite well, except when I try to specify the javadoc destdir
to be something other than the directory of my buildfile, such as:

        <javadoc destdir="additional/directories/here" ...>
            <link href="apidoc/from/another/group"/>

The HTML links in the resulting javadoc are relative to the buildfile
location, and not to my destdir. So, the javadoc builds corectly but then
the links are bad. One workaround I thought about was to use an absolute
reference in my link instead of a relative one, but unfortunately that
doesn't work very well with my project. Anyone seen this before? Any other


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