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From "Matthew Oatham" <>
Subject JAR task BUG ??
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 10:15:06 GMT

I am using the JAR task in the following way -

   <target name="test">
       <jar destfile="${deployment.dir}/${}.war">
           <zipfileset dir="${build.lib}" prefix="WEB-INF/lib">
               <include name="cos.jar" />
               <include name="crimson.jar" />
               <include name="xalan.jar" />

The first time the target is run everything is fine - the second time I run 
the target the following files are added again to the war file - cos.jar 
crimson.jar xalan.jar. Why are these being added again? Has anyone come 
accross this behaviour before? Any way to avoid it?



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