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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Remote deployment on JRun
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 00:46:40 GMT
We are quite successfully deploying full J2EE applications in JRun4, 
complete with ColdFusion integration as well.

We are not doing automated remote deployments though, so I cannot offer 
much advice in that area.  For development we typically do hot deploys 
by simply <copy>'ing the EAR file into the right spot and the server 
takes over from there and has it redeployed soon thereafter.

If it weren't for ColdFusion integration needs we would likely use 
JBoss, and did so for the initial part of our development.  Switching 
app. servers was relatively painless thanks to XDoclet.

There are ssh/scp tasks in CVS, but not in a released version of Ant 
(but don't let that stop you from building your own version if you need 
them - the more folks that use them the better!).  If you can copy the 
WAR (or EAR?) into place you can likely take advantage of hot deploy 
and not worry about other issues.  For peace of mind I prefer a server 
restart, but for speed of development a hot deploy is nice and 
generally is issue free.


On Thursday, May 8, 2003, at 06:14  PM, Steve Cohen wrote:
> I strongly urge against JRun 4. Our company spent six months of
> unsuccessful efforts to port a series of web applications to JRun 4
> without full success.  I would look instead for an open-source 
> container
> like Tomcat or JBoss.  These beasts are too complicated and NOBODY
> documents them well, but at least with an open-source container, when
> all else fails, you have to source code.
> However, if you must go forward, do get the Service Packs.  They do fix
> some serious bugs.
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> From: Rahul []
> Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2003 4:56 PM
> To: 'Ant Users List'
> Subject: Remote deployment on JRun
> Hello All,
> I have this strong uge to automate my manual web application deployment
> process on a remote JRun 4 (no service packs) server running on Linux.
> Would want to know if anyone has attempted that or anyone has
> suggestions.
> To cut the long story short and simple, what I do right now is as
> follows :
> 1. Connect to remote system via ssh.
> 2. If instance of target server is running , stop it.
> 3. back up my current <web-app> directory
> 4. export "base" stuff from CVS into a fresh <web-app> directory. this
> creates the base/groundwork for my actual web application. 5. now,
> export updated weba-application stuff  from CVS into a another
> directory. 6. copy the stuff exported to directory in Step 5. to
> directory in Step 6 5. restart server.
> Apart from that I WISH that I can create JRun servers remotely but I
> will keep that wish in my bag for the moment ;)  Ok, the question here
> is do i need to work with any of the JMX stuff here to do stuff with
> JRun , i mean create servers, stop and restart. Any tasks for JMX?. Any
> tasks around  for SSH ?
> cheers
> rahul
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