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From "Nathan Christiansen" <>
Subject RE: How do I encrypt the properties for Ant
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 19:37:42 GMT
If you can't transmit passwords in plain text, then you shouldn't be using ftp. The ftp protocol
sends the authentication (username and password) over the wire in plain text.

An alternative would be using sftp, scp, or an equivalent secure file transfer protocol. 
It is nice that ant is finally supporting (as a standard optional task in 1.6) the scp protocol.

It depends on the level of security that you need for the encrypted passwords to how involved
it will be. If all you need is weak encryption, then pick a binary file already in your distribution
that won't change at all, (like a graphic file) and do an XOR with a "bookcode" algorithm.
If the file changes, you will have to re-encrypt your password file.

In my "spare" time I am attempting to write a custom task, subclassing the property task,
to do this.  It may take a couple of days to a week to complete, but only if there is interest.

-- Nathan Christiansen
   Tahitian Noni International

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From: Moole Bhaskara R []
Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 10:51 AM
To: 'Ant Users List'
Subject: RE: How do I encrypt the properties for Ant

Thanks Nathan for clarifying digest. I am not a Cryptography expert :(

My actual requirements are not make passwords readable to anybody after
build code is completed. If the actual person / program executing the build
script is smart enough to decrypt the passwords, it is fine. I just can not
store or transmit passwords in plain text. I guess the right approach for
this is to use a key and encrypt passwords and then package the key with the
build script for decryption.

If anybody has sample code for this to do it in ant, please send it to me. I
appreciate any help in this regard.

Thank you,

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From: Moole Bhaskara R []
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2003 2:44 PM
To: ''
Subject: How do I encrypt the properties for Ant


I am trying to create an Ant xml build file to compile, jar, sing the jars,
ftp the jars, and deploy them to WebSphere. last three steps require
authentication information (key store passwords, ftp user & password, WAS
admin user and password). I am prohibited from storing them in a plain text
file. How do I encrypt them and still make them available to Ant? I
considered creating a taskdef java class and distribute only the class file
to the build machines. I could not find a way to read the class attributes
into Ant.

I appreciate any information in this regard.

Thank you,

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