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From "Johns, D Eric, MAJ, 101ST, EMB, 698-7407" <>
Subject RE: cannot use classic compiler message lives on
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 18:21:57 GMT
This message is quite lengthy in response to requests for information.
Hopefully this will assist the real engineers in diagnosing why there are
problems with the various ant/xindice builds. Realizing this work is
unfunded :-), it would be nice if when some of the common files were updated
as binary distributions, the supported projects would be re-zipped with the
most current versions OR better documentation would be available...just a
thought...thanks for the help!

The issue does seem to be ant related. When I initially used a simple
example in a directory with a build.xml file and a simple java application,
I received the classic compiler message. I reviewed my jar settings system
wide and then made sure I was completely up to date with a better
understanding of the classpath etc. I configured my system as shown below
and the problem was solved in the simple case with ant working as expected.

However, in the case of the xindice build, the build routine could never
find my java file and instead I ened up with the following variation to the
above message: "Unable to find a javac compiler; is
not on the classpath. Perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK."

Note that the current binary (1.0) of XINDICE uses the following: ant 1.4.1,
xerces 1.4.3, xalan 2.0.1, xml-apis 1.0 (apparently w/sixe =77k). XINDICE
uses the -classpath set method for execution thereby avoiding my versions of
ant (1.5.3-1), xalan (2.5-D.1), xerces (1.4.4), and xml-apis (version
unknown w/size of 122 kb).

JAVA_HOME is set? yes - to c:\j2sdk
%JAVA_HOME%\lib\tools.jar exists? yes
%JAVA_HOME%\bin\javac.exe exists? yes

Please provide some more details:

Value of %JAVA_HOME% c:\j2sdk
Version of Ant, running on system 1.4.1 (does not seem to work for XINDICE)
1.5.3-1 (seems to work fine in a simple case)
Value of %ANT_HOME% c:\ant
if you are running Ant 1.5.1 or greater, the output from 
'ant -diagnostics' would be useful as well.
The <javac> target from your build file.

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