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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject using wildcards in <map> attributes?
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 05:40:22 GMT

My guess is that this is probably not possible, but I'll throw it out there 
anyway.  I would like to use <pathconvert> to create a property containing 
a path with unix directory separators whether on the Unix or 
Windows.  That's easy.  However, I would also like it, on Windows, to be 
able to fully remove the prefixed drive letter + colon combo.  I don't care 
what drive it is, I just want it gone from the resulting path.  I tried this...

<pathconvert targetos="unix" property="src.core.home.unix">
         <pathelement location="${src.core.home}"/>
     <map from="*:" to=""/>

However, the wildcard symbol (*) is treated literally rather than being 
treated as a wildcard.  So, I have to resort to something like this....

<pathconvert targetos="unix" property="src.core.home.unix">
         <pathelement location="${src.core.home}"/>
     <map from="c:" to=""/>
     <map from="d:" to=""/>
     <map from="e:" to=""/>
     <map from="f:" to=""/>
     <map from="g:" to=""/>

However, that is both verbose and error prone.  What if the user is on the 
"h:" drive?  Can't I somehow use a wildcard to match against all drive letters?

Just hoping!


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