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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: fileset with multiple source directories?
Date Mon, 12 May 2003 22:24:52 GMT
At 04:41 PM 5/12/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>my bad, I thought this list could be computed through a dirset or fileset.
>in such a case, I wd personnally use contrib foreach so I'd let other 
>people try to
>answer ur question.
>- one ANT way you could go for is to define ur build dependencies into an 
>XML file
>and then use xslt to generate ur build.xml file (for instance): this is 
>usefull to
>me to re-use these dependencies for javac, EJB deploy, clean in the 
>correct order,
>bean verify and so on.
>- heaviest and simplest solution beeing to define one property for each 
>subdir - I
>know, not much help but looks like this list is a harcoded one and does 
>not rely on
>any logic but build dependencies: maybe this could be outputed by a tool that
>compiles build depencies (jdepend for instance) and then re-used.
>just to be sure, is there really no way for u to compute dynamically this
>src.contrib.projects proprety, i.e. isn't this list the list of subdirectories
>under ${contrib.path} ? maybe ur pb is the order of the resulting dirset for
>compilation dependency so in such a case I understand.

No, there really isn't.  The reason is that the compileable base 
directories under contrib can be structured in any way desired.  For 
instance, here is a sample structure...


In project1, there are actually 3 separate base directories for 
compilation; "client", "server", and "example").  In project2, there is 
only one based directory and that is just the "project2" directory 
itself.  Also, some projects have code that doesn't compile. This is either 
because it is just there as a partial reference or because the contributor 
is not actively updating the code to compile with the latest changes in the 
project.  The property in makes it so we can define all 
the base directories of the compilable contrib projects (or sub projects of 
contrib projects).  So, this information is not attainable via any 
particular logical pattern.  The nice thing is that I can continue to use 
the same <javac> target to compile files with a single srcdir or multiple 
srcdirs.  It is just this issue of copying all the resources such as 
properties file and xml files that is giving me troubles.

The idea about the xml/xsl thing is interesting and I'll take a look at 
that, although for this case, it seems a bit heavy-handed.  I'm merely 
trying to copy stuff from multiple src dirs.  It is just too bad that this 
seemingly simple task has to be so hard for Ant to do.  If filesets did 
something similiar to <javac> where it would take a delimited list of src 
dirs, this wouldn't be an issue.  Seems like this feature ought to get 
added into Ant-1.6.


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