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From Judy Dobry <>
Subject Classpath cannot be found by AIX and IBM java
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 18:44:15 GMT

I have been running a number of Ant scripts on a Windows 2000 machine 
with  Sun's jdk1.3.1_02.  Now I'd like to run these scripts on an AIX 
machine running IBM's jdk1.3.  When I do this, Ant is unable to locate the 
files in the classpath.

I have put the classpath information both in the classpath environment 
variable and in the appropriate Ant variables.  As an example, here are
some snippets of Ant code that works in Windows but do not work on AIX.

  <target name="init" depends="setProps">
     <path id="build.path">
       <pathelement location="${outclassdir}" />
       <pathelement location="${maindir}/jars/oro.jar" />
       <pathelement location="${maindir}/jars/jconn2.jar" />


<target name="compile" depends="init">
     <javac  destdir="${outclassdir}">
       <classpath refid="build.path"/>
       <src path="."/>
       <src path="..\..\util"/>
       <src path="..\util" />
       <src path="..\build"/>

<target name="expand" depends="compile" >
    <java classname=""
          <arg line="${configfile}"/>
            <path refid="build.path"/>

Any help on is much appreciated.

Judy Dobry

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