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From James Nord <>
Subject howto stripp html comments
Date Mon, 26 May 2003 23:56:15 GMT

I want to strip all html comments from jsp files during a build, but I 
can't work out how to do it as a always end up with the following error

file:D:/src/build.xml:100: The value of attribute "pattern" must not 
contain the '<' character.

(result from)
  <target name="jsp" depends="init"
          description="copy jsp files and strip comments">
        <mkdir dir="${build.dir}/jsp"/>
    <copy todir="${build.dir}/jsp">
      <fileset dir="${src.dir}/jsp"/>
    <replaceregexp byline="true">
      <regexp pattern="<!--[:alnum:\w]*-->"/>
      <substitution expression=""/>
      <fileset dir="{src.dir}/jsp"/>

Could someone tell me how to include the > character?  I have tried \> 
and \\> but with the same results.

Thanks in advance


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