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From Florent Zara <>
Subject Reuse a fileset
Date Mon, 26 May 2003 16:09:31 GMT

I'm using Ant 1.4.1.
I've define a path element which is resued several times, like in other 
path-like structures or tasks parameters.
<path id="classpathid.jaronly">
  <fileset dir="${lib.dir}/ext/lib" includes="crimson.jar,log4j*.jar" />
  <fileset dir="${lib.dir}/int/lib" includes="common-utils.jar" />

I would like to use these filesets in a copy task, that does not support 
nested path elements (which is normal).

So, How to define a bunch of fileset and reuse them in either pathlike 
structure or a copy task ?

Thank you.

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