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From Sebastien Blanc <>
Subject Re: Ant-Contrib foreach | parallel not working..
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 02:20:41 GMT
Hi !
if this is ant-contrib, u can check the file, it is not a big
one and deliverered with the distribution.
dwled a while ago and this was a synchronous loop. dunno about now, but
check it out if this is ant-contrib u're using.

Matt Reason wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a target I'd like to call n times.  I've set up a foreach loop
> and it works great.  The only issue is it wastes time because one
> execution of the target can only happen at one time.  It'd be much more
> efficient to run the target in parallel.
> The foreach task has a parallel option, but it seems to be ignoring the
> fact that I set it to true.  Has anyone else experienced this or,
> hopefully, worked around it?
> Below is a rough idea the build.  Basically, I have a file with a list
> of host names of severs I want to connect to and run a script on.  Since
> each server is it's own 'world', it doesn't matter if they are all done
> at the same time or not.(other than efficiency).
> <target name="deployToServers"/>
>   <loadfile property="server_deploys"
> srcFile="./properties/server_deploys"/>
>   <foreach
>     list="${cms_deploys}" \
>     delimiter="&#x0A;"
>     param="thisServer"
>     target="executeRemoteBuildScript"
>     inheritAll="true"
>     parallel="true"/>
> </target>
> <target name="executeRemoteBuildScript">
>   <echo message="*********** ${userid}@${thisServer} ***********"/>
>   <sshexec
>      host="${thisServer}"
>      username="${userid}"
>      password="${ftp_password}"
>      trust="yes"
>      timeout="800"
>      command=". .profile; cd bin; ant;"/>
> </target>
> PS, if I do get this to work, what does the output to the screen look
> like?  I bet it get's a little crazy.
> Thanks in advance for any help,
> Matt
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