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From Sebastien Blanc <>
Subject Re: fileset with multiple source directories?
Date Mon, 12 May 2003 21:41:46 GMT
my bad, I thought this list could be computed through a dirset or fileset.
in such a case, I wd personnally use contrib foreach so I'd let other people try to
answer ur question.

- one ANT way you could go for is to define ur build dependencies into an XML file
and then use xslt to generate ur build.xml file (for instance): this is usefull to
me to re-use these dependencies for javac, EJB deploy, clean in the correct order,
bean verify and so on.
- heaviest and simplest solution beeing to define one property for each subdir - I
know, not much help but looks like this list is a harcoded one and does not rely on
any logic but build dependencies: maybe this could be outputed by a tool that
compiles build depencies (jdepend for instance) and then re-used.

just to be sure, is there really no way for u to compute dynamically this
src.contrib.projects proprety, i.e. isn't this list the list of subdirectories
under ${contrib.path} ? maybe ur pb is the order of the resulting dirset for
compilation dependency so in such a case I understand.


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