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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: executing cvs task from behind firewall advice
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 08:22:29 GMT
[sorry 'bout the delay ... not sure how i missed this email]

my hunch is that it would be worth it to consider embedding
a cvs client, especially since an implementation is available.
further, i don't think the fact that all commands are supported
should be a block. just a hunch.

practically speaking, it think most developers using ant will
have all the cvs tools they need so it may not be of much help
in this scenario.

for "bootstrapping" new developers this does remove one more
systems development dependency. also, for user-less ant tasks
(eg nightly builds) this might come in quite handy as well for
the same reason.


- james

James Todd wrote:

> hi -
>    i searched the archives and didn't see a match. apologies if i
>    missed the thread.
>    what advice is there to ant users for issuing the cvs task from
>    behind a firewall ... who typically access the remote repository
>    via runsocks?
>    in perusing the code it looks as though cvs just wraps the exec
>    task (which is a fallback i'm considering) but comments are
>    included indicating thoughts of integrating a cvs package are
>    being considered.

actually some time ago I was thinking about integrating the java cvs 
client from Netbeans ( with the cvs target.
Is such functionality really required? the code is release under Sun 
Public Licence, is it compatible with the apache licence?

there's a few drawbacks to it though. not all commands are supported, 
mainly the ones that modify read-write/read-only access rights. (edit, 
unedit command.)

Milos Kleint

>    for this and other reasons i'd like to use the cvs task as is, but
>    from behind a firewall as well. i'm sure this is a common scenario.
>    all ideas/pointers/etc welcomed.
> - james
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