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From Milos Kleint <>
Subject Re: executing cvs task from behind firewall advice
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 02:47:13 GMT
James Todd wrote:

> hi -
>    i searched the archives and didn't see a match. apologies if i
>    missed the thread.
>    what advice is there to ant users for issuing the cvs task from
>    behind a firewall ... who typically access the remote repository
>    via runsocks?
>    in perusing the code it looks as though cvs just wraps the exec
>    task (which is a fallback i'm considering) but comments are
>    included indicating thoughts of integrating a cvs package are
>    being considered.

actually some time ago I was thinking about integrating the java cvs 
client from Netbeans ( with the cvs target.
Is such functionality really required? the code is release under Sun 
Public Licence, is it compatible with the apache licence?

there's a few drawbacks to it though. not all commands are supported, 
mainly the ones that modify read-write/read-only access rights. (edit, 
unedit command.)

Milos Kleint

>    for this and other reasons i'd like to use the cvs task as is, but
>    from behind a firewall as well. i'm sure this is a common scenario.
>    all ideas/pointers/etc welcomed.
> - james
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