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From "Ciramella, EJ" <>
Subject RE: Advantage of Ant Over Makefiles
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 13:16:34 GMT
Download ant and read the Welcome.html doc in the root of the installation
and the Ant In Anger portion of the docs.

I recently went looking for some site that said that ANT is industry
standard, but I couldn't find anything.  One thing is for sure, ANT blows
the pants of make, nmake, bat files, shell scripts, etc...

We had quite a nightmare process here, at least three different batch files
before hitting nmake.  I took the time to convert this nonsense to 2 xml
files.  It's much MUCH cleaner and so much more intuitive (huge selling
point).  Another plus is ANT's extendibility.  ANT not doing what you need
it to do?  Write your own task, share with the community if you like (could
wind up in a release).  With make, what can you do?  Have it call another
batch file?  Have it call some other shell script?

Are you supporting multiple environments?  It's really easy to include the
build file at the root of a project and put the source on
Solaris/WIN/Linux/OSX/<insertotheroshere> and build - simple as that.  No
worrying if the version of make on WIN is the same as the one on X.

How about tight IDE integration?  Idea doesn't support nmake.  Neither does
Eclipse.  Neither does <insertIDEhere>.....

Could you share a little about the project that you're working on?  In the
past, I've simply pulled together ANT scripts to make my life easier
(release engineer), put them into a working project and voilia!  Everyone
soon is asking, "Can you add this?"  "Can you add that?".  "Ant is soo much
faster"  "Building all the beans in parallel is much better"....

Goes on and on.....

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From: Pritesh saharey []
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 7:14 AM
To: Apache mailing list
Subject: Avantage of Ant Over Makefiles

Hi All,
       I Like to here someting intresting about Ant that why Ant is better
replacment of Makefile(GNUMake).As i had given lots of good reason but my
superior is not convinced ,so pls can somebody give me good proper reasons
to support Ant.

Thanks to all 


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