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From "Sachin Chowdhary" <>
Subject Including Directories while creating WAR File (New Bie)
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 08:58:29 GMT
Hi my Application has this Directory Struture while developing System

        |      |__com\

   Now i have to Deploy this Application.Intially i have used blank war file
with struts and then create directories in WebApp Folder
   But now Problem is that when i am deploying it with Ant it is only


how can i include css,dtd,xml,xsl directories please help me.My build file
Target which is creating WAR file is.

<target name="war" depends="compile">
         <war warfile="webi2v.war" webxml="./web/WEB-INF/web.xml">
             <fileset dir="./" includes="./web/**/*.*"
               <exclude name="**/*.jar"/>
               <exclude name="**/*.class"/>
               <exclude name="**/*.properties"/>
               <include name="./web/css/*.*"/>
               <include name="./web/xml/*.*"/>
               <include name="./web/xsd/*.*"/>
               <include name="./web/javascript/*.*"/>
               <include name="./web/*.*"/>
             <webinf dir="./web/WEB-INF" includes="**/*"
             <lib dir="./web/WEB-INF/lib"/>
             <classes dir="./web/WEB-INF/classes"

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