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From "Michael Olan" <>
Subject iContract?
Date Sat, 10 May 2003 20:27:25 GMT

Does iContract work in the latest versions of Ant/SDK?

I'm not having any success with j2sdk1.4.1 and ant 1.5.2. Specifically
with eclipse, but same problems from the command line. Part of the
problem seems to be with tools.jar, which does not work from 1.4.1. I've
got jdk 1.3.1 and that gets a bit farther, but still won't instrument
iContract files, giving errors like this:

[icontract] iContract: file being processed when the problem occured:
[icontract] C:\java\workspace\iContract\src\test\
[icontract] iContract: error: compilation failed.
[icontract] icontract:error: exiting due to previous
compilation related problems. 
[icontract] iContract: exit (1).
[icontract] com.reliablesystems.iContract.StopException: 1
[icontract] at com.reliablesystems.iContract.Tool.main(
[icontract] Exception in thread "main"


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