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From Rolf F. Katzenberger <>
Subject mtxslt + Saxon 7: <xmlcatalog refid="..."/> not supported?
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 14:38:25 GMT
To render Docbook sources to PDF, I have to use Saxon 7 (instead of
1.4 JDK's Xalan) due to Xalan bugs. It seems that the 3rd-Party mtxslt
task does the job, however it ignores the

  <xmlcatalog refid="..."/>

although the docs say the task is derived from the xslt task. I've
noticed this while trying to render files offline.

I this a limitation of Saxon?

As a workaround, I'm replacing the DOCTYPE line in my Docbook sources
by a hint to a local file, but this looks like an ugly hack to me.

Any idea for a better solution?


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