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Subject Re: Standard Ant Build for WSAD 5.0
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 15:53:54 GMT

Here is how you do it in Eclipse 2.1 so I would assume that it would be
similar in WSAD 5.0.

Under the Run Menu go to the External Tools submenu and select External
Tools... (It is also on the tool bar - the icon looks like a running man
with two rectangles on the top left).  Right click on Ant Build and select
new.  Select your ant script under location and set your base directory
under base directory.  There is no classpath to set up since it will use
the already set up project class paths.  The rest of the dialog should be
pretty self explanatory.

Good luck!

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Recently, moved from JBuilder 6/7/8 to WSAD 5.0

Borland provides a generic ant build file, which takes jpx file as an input
and perform the task(s) using the properties defined by JBuilder and stored
in the .jpx file.

Is there a similar ant file for building WSAD 5.0 projects. (probably input
will be .classpath and other meta data information from WSAD)



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