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From "Simeon Kirov" <>
Subject Javac not firing BuildEvents for compile errors in JDK 1.4
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 02:57:15 GMT

It seems, that BuildLogger.messageLogged(BuildEvent) method is never invoked
under JDK 1.4 when a compiler error occures.

In my specific case, I'm using JEXT editor with AntWork plugin. This
configuration worked fine under JDK 1.3, but after I switched to JDK 1.4,
the plugin stopped reporting errors. The code in the plugin, responsible for
monitoring build process looks like this:

private class AntWorkLogger implements BuildLogger {


    public void messageLogged(BuildEvent event) {
        if (event.getPriority() <= msgOutputLevel) {

            if (event.getTask() != null) {
                String name = event.getTask().getTaskName();

                if (name.compareTo("javac")==0) {



After a little debugging, it appeared, that messageLogged(BuildEvent) is
never invoked, when compiler encounters errors in the code. However, the
java compiler reports errors and dumps them on System.out.

I tried to compile the project directly with ant and everything seemed to be
ok, the errors reported as they should be.

So I recompiled AntWork plugin, setting it to use instead of AntWorkLogger. The result was
the same - no errors were reported by DefaultLogger.

Does anybody had the same problem? Any ideas?


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