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From "joshua rosenblatt" <>
Subject Re: java with fork=true produces IOException on UnixProcess.forkAndEx ec on solaris 8
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 16:20:45 GMT
> > java is in the path as the selection below indicates.
>Yes, but as the verbose log says, Ant is executing it using the
>absolute paths anyway, which could be wrong (very unlikely) or just be
>non-executable ...
> > It references $JAVA_HOME/bin/java whereas ant uses
> > $JAVA_HOME/jre/bin/java but they both work.
> > [jrosenbl@nys31a-0122 test]$ which java
> > /sw/CRFS/java-std/THIRDPARTY_JDK/1_3_2/bin/solaris/bin/java
> > [jrosenbl@nys31a-0122 test]$
> > /sw/CRFS/java-std/THIRDPARTY_JDK/1_3_2/bin/solaris/jre/bin/java Test
>is not the same as
>that Ant claims to execute.
>Does that file exists?  Is it executable (by you)?
>Please try the exact command line Ant says it is trying to execute.

I have been executing the exact command line of ant -- i changed jdk's to 
see if that might help.

but . . . I figured out the problem but it's a little wierd:
my groups: eq aceadmin appclrc xxx xxx
the ant that i have been using is executable by eq (not owned by me)
it executes a JAVA that is executable by group appclrc
however when it forks it is somehow not in group appclrc but probably in my 
primary group which is eq.

if i run 'newgrp appclrc' (which starts a new shell with group appclrc as my 
primary group) then it works.

it's a little strange because i would think that the initial java command 
would fail as it would be executing in group 'eq'.

process tree:
ant shell script : executed as eq
$JAVACMD  : only executable by appclrc (how does ant shell script execute 
$JAVACMD fork : ant's jvm can't execute it as it's running as eq not appclrc


thanks for your help


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