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From "Matthew Oatham" <>
Subject Re: SUN ONE Studio 4 Update 1
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 15:38:31 GMT

Found this deep in the SUN ONE Site. Does anyone know of a neater way?


Upgrading Ant

The following workaround can be used to upgrade to Ant 1.5 with S1S 4 CE. 
Modify the file names to work with other versions.

1. Install jakarta-ant-1.5.

2. Change ANT_HOME environment variable to point to jakarta-ant-1.5.

3. Remove ant-1.4.1.jar and ant-optional-1.4.1.jar from 
<IDE_HOME>/modules/ext for S1S 4 CE. (Back them up just in case.)

4. Copy ant.jar and optional.jar from D:\jakarta-ant-1.5\lib to 

5. Rename the copied JAR files to ant-1.4.1.jar and ant-optional-1.4.1.jar, 
respectively, because that's what the IDE's Ant module expects.

6. Restart the IDE.

7. Look at Tools > Options > Building > Ant Settings > Ant Version. Verify 
that it is "Apache Ant version 1.5 compiled on July 9 2002".

Now the new Ant version should be to use within the IDE.

(last updated 08-30-02)

From: "Matthew Oatham" <>
Reply-To: "Ant Users List" <>
Subject: SUN ONE Studio 4 Update 1
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 16:25:57 +0100


Just wondered if anyone knows about the availability of ANT 1.5.x in SUN ONE 
Studio 4 update 1 currently this version seems to be using ANT 1.4.1 does 
any one know how or if that can be upgraded to ANT 1.5.x



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