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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Problems trying to generate xml help with xdoclet
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 00:10:55 GMT
On Wednesday, April 9, 2003, at 11:49  AM, Jesse Stockall wrote:
> What are your thoughts on the 'requirement groups' stuff I started.  
> I'll continue working on them and start committing the @tags (as soon 
> as I get my account) if there in consensus that this is the way to go.

Just for everyone else to bring them up to speed:

I've taken another look at it.  Its definitely a good approach.  Here 
are some comments:

- I think the concept of "required" and "optional" need a simpler 
approach in the tags, rather than being forced into a group concept.  
My goal is to make tagging a task be trivial or non-existent in the 
case of typical Ant tasks, where all attributes are by default optional 
with reasonable defaults.  Tagging would be done for exceptional cases, 
like the saying a field is required, or it belongs to a grouping.

- If we can get <property> right with the group concept, we pretty much 
have solved it!  :)

- I know the syntax is up for debate, but just my $0.02 on XDoclet 
tags... optional

   I'd prefer that we always use name="value" type of syntax, or simply 
the tag implying meaning with no attributes (@ant.required by itself, 

So I'm +1 on the grouping concept.  And with a few tweaks I think we 
can get there from what you've done.  Nice work!

If it'll help you to work on this, we can pull the XDoclet 
subtask/taghandler/template back into the proposal/xdocs codebase so 
you can commit directly to that.  I debate with myself on where this 
should ideally live, one moment it seems to make the most sense in 
XDoclet's codebase, another  moment it seems best in Ant's.  XDoclet2's 
architecture will likely require it be maintained in Ant's codebase as 
a plugin module, so maybe it makes good sense for us to maintain it 
completely under the Ant CVS.

XDoclet already has started down a path of tagging their tasks and 
documenting them automatically, so there are already two competing ways 
of doing this.  I've convinced Aslak on the XDoclet team that my work 
covers the bases better than what they had done because of how it uses 
IntrospectionHandler and such to more precisely get the picture, though.


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