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From "Anthony B. Coates" <>
Subject Re: mtxslt + Saxon 7: <xmlcatalog refid="..."/> not supported?
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 22:19:12 GMT
** Reply to message from "Rolf F. Katzenberger" <> on Mon, 07 Apr
2003 16:38:25 +0200

I wrote "mtxslt", and it really is derived from "xslt", and the changes aren't
great.  I'm very surprised that it doesn't work with Saxon.  To test it, you
should use "xslt", but set


to select Saxon instead of Xalan.  That will tell you whether this problem has
anything to do with "mtxslt" or not.  As for a better solution, the Ant guys
tell me that the code on the head of 1.6 in CVS should do the same as "mtxslt"
(I'll wait until 1.6 is released to check this for myself), so compiling that
latest version for yourself might be worth a try.


> To render Docbook sources to PDF, I have to use Saxon 7 (instead of
> 1.4 JDK's Xalan) due to Xalan bugs. It seems that the 3rd-Party mtxslt
> task does the job, however it ignores the
>   <xmlcatalog refid="..."/>
> although the docs say the task is derived from the xslt task. I've
> noticed this while trying to render files offline.
Anthony B. Coates
Information Design, Messaging and Management
London, UK
MDDL Editor (Market Data Definition Language),
FpML AWG Member (Financial Products Markup Language),

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