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From "Jim Allers" <>
Subject RE: ant and eclipse
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 17:19:55 GMT
Which version of Eclipse are you using?

I'm not familiar with JDO and what you have to do to enhance JDO

I think the command is not being set up properly. You might want to try,

<target description="Enhance JDO classes" name="enhance">
	<apply executable="java" failonerror="true">
		<arg value="-cp" />
		<arg value="![actual classpath]!" />
value="com.triactive.jdo.enhance.SunReferenceEnhance" />
		<arg value="testJDO/*.jdo" />

"apply" will pass every "arg" element as an individual argument to the
command line. Do not put multiple arguments in the "value" attribute.
The "fileset" is a way of adding file arguments to the command line
which may not be necessary in your case.

This looks like a job for a custom task that may have already been
created, but since you are an Ant beginner you might not want to go that
route quite yet.

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From: greg [] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 10:20 
Subject: ant and eclipse


First of all i'am a 5 hours Ant beginner, and a few days Eclipse
I'am currently have some problems to compile A JDO project with ants and

Does someone have some step-to-step samples on this subject or just ant
and eclipse tutorials.
My main problem is a 
"[apply] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
why does there's a replacement of "/" by "\" ( i'am working with windows

I think all my classpath are ste correctly. Here is my build.xml
<project name="testJDO" default="enhance">

<target description="Enhance JDO classes" name="enhance">

<echo message="Hello, world"/>

<apply executable="java" failonerror="true">

<arg value="-cp"/>

<arg value="com.triactive.jdo.enhance.SunReferenceEnhance testJDO/*.jdo"

<fileset dir= "testJDO" />




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