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From "North Alex" <>
Subject RE: [A solution] Inserting text at start of file
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 12:08:34 GMT
>> I can't find out what is coming up in 1.6 ... where is that 
>> information please?
>Inside Ant's CVS module. 8-) 
>Or eith each and every nightly build.

Ooooo, look at that ... didn't even know that lot was there :P

I know that I said that updating ANT version was an option ... and
perhaps I should have been a little clearer there, but I meant the
stable release versions.  I just keep an eye on the news to see what has
been released, I don't follow the nightly builds ... maybe now I will
keep an eye on that, thanks.

>> You mentioned CVS ... which is a concern as we use ClearCase.
>Uhhm.  When I say CVS version of Ant, I mean the latest code 
>revision. We use CVS at Apache to control our sources.

Yes, now the lightbulb appears :P  I haven't used CVS for a while and
have gotten used to ClearCase terminology already.

Oh well, I'll learn :P  Thanks very much for your patience and clearing
things up.

<= Alex =>

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