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From Jesse Stockall <>
Subject Re: Question about jar files for building Ant
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 23:22:12 GMT
On Friday, April 4, 2003, at 12:12  PM, Bob Hays, Computer Geek wrote:

> I’ve been working on building Ant, and there are a bunch of jar files
> required that are difficult if not impossible to find if you want to 
> build
> all the optional tasks.  Is there someplace where the whole magila is 
> kept
> for the central build where others could get to the right jar files and
> versions?

No, some of the classes / jars can only be obtained after clicking 
licensing agreements.

I've managed to acquire all the required jars with a little googeling 
and a little patience (for those 100+ MB downloads)

Jesse Stockall -
CRYPTOCard Corp.

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