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From Dale Anson <>
Subject Re: Parallel & Sequential
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 23:57:07 GMT
Hi Tony,

Look at the try/catch/finally tasks in antelope, This will help you with 
allowing all tasks to finish in a parallel even if one fails.

The nested <parallel><sequential> in your example really does nothing, 
you can leave both the parallel and sequential out and have the same 
result. The advantage of parallel is that tasks can happen at the same 
time, in your example, eliminate the <sequential> and </sequential> 
lines. To keep your log files separated when running tasks in parallel, 
look at the "record" task and add it to each of the antcall targets.


Tony Lam wrote:

>I have got a question related to Parallel and
>Sequential.  As far as I know from Ant manual,
>parallel allows user to have multiple thread within
>the task whereas sequential allows task to be done
>sequentially.  However, my question is:
>1.  I would like to have the parallel feature that if
>my first task fails, my second task can go on.
>2.  Also, I would like to have sequential feature
>because I am using a log file to keep track of
>different logs.
>The following code is what I tried before, but it
>didn't give me what I want.
>Can anyone share with me on this issue?
>    <target name="deploy.sequence"
>    	description="deployment process takes place in
>each silo specified below">
>	<parallel>
>	  <sequential>	
>        	<antcall target="buddy.be02"/>
>        	<sleep seconds="30"/>
>		<antcall target="melody.proj13"/>
>	  </sequential>		
>	</parallel>		
>    </target>
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